Children and Youth Groups

“Parents Anonymous® is where mommy goes to become a better parent.”

The Parents Anonymous® Program is a comprehensive family strengthening program based on mutual support and shared leadership® with an Adult Group and complimentary Children and Youth Group. Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Groups welcome any child or youth whose parent participates in a Parents Anonymous®Adult Group. The Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Program is designed to respond to the needs of children and youth with emotional, behavioral, educational or physical challenges.

What Happens in a Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Program?

  • Children and Youth  Program Workers create a warm, predictable and structured setting and act as role models to promote positive and age appropriate development of children and youth
  • Children participate in activities such as arts and crafts, science exploration, team and group games and other projects to encourage self-expression and build self-esteem. Youth discuss topics such as peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, bullying, race and gender issues, and other relevant concerns they face.
  • Children and Youth  Program Workers in collaboration with children and youth share in developing routines and ground rules
  • Children and Youth learn and practice positive ways of interacting, problem-solving and supporting one another
  • Children and Youth develop and practice leadership by learning to make choices, feel confident in their decisions and become leaders within the group
  • Children and Youth take a break from daily life stresses and have the opportunity to learn better coping strategies.

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