Shared Leadership® in Action 

Shared Leadership® in Action is a comprehensive program that engages organizations and constituents committed to working in meaningful Shared Leadership® resulting in measurable positive outcomes for families and communities.  

Shared Leadership® in Action Program Components: 

  • Readiness Assessment  
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Training Institute 
  • Guided Practice 
  • Technical Assistance and Consultation 
  • Evaluation 

Shared Leadership® in Action can be customized to meet specific needs and goals of public and private agencies and communities. Staff training, Practice Models, System change, Strategic planning, Program Implementation and Evaluation are all areas that Shared Leadership® in Action can make a measurable difference by achieving better outcomes for all families through enhanced practice, effective policies, and shared leadership® with Parents, Children & Youth.  

If you are an agency interested in implementing Shared Leadership® in Action, please complete this interest form.