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We envision a just society where all Parents, Children, and Youth thrive in resilient families and communities.   

We support the empowerment journey of diverse Parents, Children, and Youth to build on the strengths of families and communities through shared leadership® strategies to advance equitable social change resulting in positive outcomes for all.

At Parents Anonymous Inc., we utilize meaningful shared leadership® strategies with Parents, Children and Youth to oppose racism, sexism, classism and bias and to protect and improve the lives of those who have experienced discrimination and the associated trauma to ensure a future that is just and equitable for all members of every community. All Parents Anonymous® Programs, Initiatives, Staff and Volunteers foster humility for all people, honor and respect all cultures, are mindful of each of our journeys, and are appreciative of family traditions, beliefs, and values. Through Parents Anonymous®  Programs, empowered parents, children and communities create long-term social change that uplifts every neighborhood and person in the world.  

  • Parents Anonymous Inc. embraces the 21st century values and successes of Parents Anonymous® that result in empowered parents, children, youth, and communities.  
  • Parents Anonymous Inc. embodies the significance of human relationships in a resolute effort to enhance the well-being of parents, individuals, families, social groups, organizations, and communities regardless of class, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or age.  
  • Parents Anonymous Inc. elevates all Parents Anonymous® Evidence-Based programs, initiatives, research, and advocacy.   
  • Parents Anonymous Inc. aligns with partners that advocate for food security, environmental justice, accessible housing, mental health, wellness, education, health care and safe neighborhoods.  
  • Parents Anonymous Inc. believes the future depends on parents.  
  • Parents Anonymous Inc. has a legacy of successful outcomes for millions of parents, children, and youth since 1969. 

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Utilizing shared leadership®  strategies, Parents Anonymous Inc. was founded in 1969 through the extraordinary efforts of Jolly K., a courageous and tenacious, mother who sought help to create a safe and caring home for her family and Leonard Lieber, a clinical social worker. Even when her daughter was placed in a foster home and then reunited with her, no help was provided to address any of the underlying emotional issues faced by her family. She sought help, support, and hope building a community to strengthen her own family and organize millions of others by creating the Parents Anonymous® Group. Her tenacity, passion, and sheer grit to make a difference by not blaming and shaming Parents resulted in the first family strengthening program. Her determination to diminish societal causes of child maltreatment inspired and encouraged thousands of Parents, Children & Youth worldwide. Parents Anonymous has advocated against oppressive public systems that foster prejudicial attitudes toward Latinx, Black, Indigenous and People of Color Parents, Children & Youth.  Jolly K., the original Parent Leader, became a steadfast parent advocate who engaged many other parents to join with their children and youth on an empowerment journey that is still supporting the transformation of parents, their children, and their communities for the better, more than five decades later.    

In historic testimony before the U.S. Senate and House in 1973, Jolly K., the only Parent Leader to testify, was so effective in sharing her personal story and the outcomes of Parents Anonymous® that she ensured the passage of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). This funding supported the national expansion of Parents Anonymous®   Programs and the National Parent Helpline®  Services.   

Today, Parents Anonymous Inc. elevates the extraordinary outcomes and efforts of Parents Anonymous® Programs, accomplishments of all Parent Leaders, and the support of meaningful Shared Leadership® partnerships with agencies, volunteers, staff, and diverse federal, state, local, and private funders to realize the vision, mission, and goals of strengthening families by supporting the empowerment journeys of Parents, Children, and Youth for generations to come. 

Jolly K., The Original Parent Leader