Parents Anonymous®

According to the Federal Title IV-E Prevention Clearinghouse, Parents Anonymous® is the ONLY culturally responsive program in the NATION that is proven to Effectively Improve Parenting, Enhance Mental Health and Reduce Substance Abuse while Ensuring Child Safety for diverse families with children and youth of all ages. Casey Family Programs (2021) designated Parents Anonymous® as one of the few nationwide programs in the Federal Title IV-E Prevention Clearinghouse shown to be effective with children and families of color.  

Additionally, Parents Anonymous® is rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse as effective in five programs areas: Parent Partner, Parenting, Primary Prevention, Secondary Prevention and Interventions for Abusive Behavior. 

Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous® 

Free Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous® is a family strengthening program for Parents or anyone in a parenting role and their Children & Youth of all ages to address any personal, psychological, peer, mental health, or substance abuse concerns. Parents Anonymous® Program Staff and Parent Leaders ensure cultural humility to honor and respect all cultures. There are four (4) program components:    

  1. Building Family Strengths Interviews are conducted to understand the strengths and needs of each family. Based on Parents Anonymous® services, Parents set goals for themselves and their Children & Youth of all ages to measure positive change in their family.   
  1. Weekly, 2-hour Online Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous® Groups for any Parent, Teen Parent, Kin, or other Caregiver, utilizing four therapeutic processes to strengthen their family. There are 12 Monthly Themes and 16 Nurturing & Parenting Strategies addressed to enhance well-being, increase protective factors, and mitigate Adverse Childhood Experiences. Every Parents Anonymous® Group is supported by a Trained Group Facilitator and Parent Group Leader who help Group Members enhance their leadership capabilities, build a sense of belonging and community, and give back to others.  
  1. Weekly, 2-hour Online Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous® Groups for Children & Youth of any age, utilizing four therapeutic processes to strengthen their family. There are 12 Monthly Themes and developmentally appropriate Structured Activities to enhance well-being, increase protective factors, and prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences. Every Parents Anonymous® Children & Youth Group is supported by a Trained Children & Youth Group Facilitator who helps Children & Youth Group Members enhance their leadership capabilities, build a sense of belonging and community, and give back to others. 
  1. Supportive Services are available in between Parents Anonymous® Group meetings to link Parents and their Children & Youth to additional resources and help navigate systems through Peer Parents and Group Facilitators. Also, Parents are encouraged to call, text, and live chat the National Parent Helpline® and California Parent & Youth Helpline® for emotional support from Trained Counselors.  

Parents and caregivers can join a free weekly online support group to explore their underlying emotions and build resiliency to strengthen their family by filling out the form below. Each Parents Anonymous® Group has a trained group facilitator and parent group leader.