March is All About Getting Active!

At Parents Anonymous®, the theme in March is Getting Active – here are some ideas to get your body moving! Parents who are physically active can inspire their children to be active and adding fitness to a family’s busy schedule can benefit everyone.

Remember, try to find something that is fun, brings everyone together and is something that you can commit too.

Let’s Go Outside! Try making a little time each day for an outdoor activity that involves you and your children, walking in a local nature trail, taking a bike ride, or have one of your children lead the family walk in a safe area where you can discover new places, enjoy nature and be together.

Family Playtime: Get creative with your children and have them come up with activities that get that everyone can join in on like playing basketball, freeze tag, hopscotch, or have them make up a new game!

Get Support: Reach out and ask a friend or family member to support you in this new commitment to getting active. Encourage your children to get a buddy to set goals, try new activities and support one another. Exercising with others is a great way to build social connections while staying active.

Life’s a Garden, Dig It: Get outside, get your hands in the dirt, and help plants and vegetables grow. Learning how to grow a small garden can keep us active and nibbling the fruits and vegetables will encourage healthy eating habits too. You can grow indoor plants from a cutting or get involved with a community garden to work with others to grow food in your neighborhood.  

It may be a challenge at first but Getting Active is a journey that you can take one day at a time. There are so many benefits for you and your children. Start building a routine today, build a support network, and your future selves will thank you!

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