Study Demonstrates Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Treatment

“Effectively Preventing and Treating Child Abuse and Neglect by Strengthening Families: Evaluation Brief 2016-2019,” October 2019. Dr. Andrew Ainsworth, Center for Assessment, Research & Evaluation, California State University Northridge. Utilizing a pre-test/post-test with non-equivalent groups design, demonstrate that Parents Anonymous® successfully prevents and treats child abuse and neglect by strengthening families by increasing protective factors, family functioning, and child and parent well-being including increased mental health and reduced substance use and domestic violence addressing child safety, permanence and well-being and adult well-being for (1) Mental Health Prevention and Treatment, (2) Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program or Services, (3) In-Home Parenting Skill-Based Program or Services (Occur Where the Parent Lives), and (4) Kinship Navigator Services.