Parents Anonymous® and the California Parent & Youth Helpline® Featured on Univision Statewide

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California Parent & Youth Helpline, Parents Anonymous® Online Groups, and Community Vaccine Pop-Up Clinics were featured on Univision in September of 2021.

The pandemic has disrupted our routines, and if you’re feeling the stress in your family, you’re not alone. Free emotional support is available in all languages at

La pandemia ha interrumpido nuestras rutinas, y si siente estrés en su familia, no está solo. El apoyo emocional gratuito está disponible en todos los idiomas en

Below, find the video that describes how Parents Anonymous® has functioned as a source of vital emotional support for parents, children and youth during the pandemic. For Maggie Vega and many more like her, Parents Anonymous® believes that Asking for Help is A Sign of Strength®.

For those who do not speak Spanish, please consider changing the Closed Captioning settings to translate to your language of choice.