At Parents Anonymous®, all our programs, initiatives, advocacy, and research support the empowerment journey of diverse Parents, Children, and Youth. We believe that Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®. Everyone is capable of change. From providing emotional support to engaging in meaningful Shared Leadership® with Parents, Parents Anonymous® seeks to create and ensure positive change, foster social connection, and sustain loving and supportive families, communities and societies.

Shared Leadership® in Action 

Shared Leadership® in Action is a comprehensive program that engages organizations and constituents committed to working in meaningful Shared Leadership® resulting in measurable positive outcomes for families and communities.   Shared Leadership® in Action Program Components:  Readiness Assessment   Strategic Planning  Training Institute  Guided Practice  Technical Assistance and Consultation  Evaluation  Shared Leadership® in Action can be customized to meet specific needs and goals of public and private agencies and communities. Staff training, Practice Models, System change, Strategic planning, Program Implementation and Evaluation […]

Parent Leadership

Since 1969, Parents Anonymous® has been supporting, encouraging, and upholding generations of parent leaders as a result of attending Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous®. In 1993, the first National Parent Leadership Team®  (NPLT)  and in 1996 the first California Parent Leadership Team® (CPLT) was created with the mission each respectively to improve and change programs and policies to help diverse Parents, Children & Youth to create positive […]

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