Parents Anonymous® of Plattsburgh, Ny celebrates National Parent Leadership Month

Parents Anonymous® of Plattsburgh, New York is operated by the Child Care Coordinating Council of the North Country celebrated National Parent Leadership Month by honoring parent participants with flowers and door prizes during group.


Some comments to share from parents when asked “How does attending Parents Anonymous® support groups help you and how do your children benefit from the accompanying Children & Youth program?”

1. It gives us a great time to connect with other parents, especially as a new resident to the area. It also gives us a chance to ask questions about resources in our community.

2. Give me ideas to help me – makes me feel good to be a Mom because other mothers can sympathize and empathize with me. – Gives great ideas for Baby – great to have communication with adults – wonderful program.

3. It’s nice to share experiences with their Mothers and learning from their experiences to try with my own daughter – Being a stay at home mother it is nice for my daughter to play with other children and be looked after by other adults to give myself a break but also learn to respect and listen to other adults.

4. I enjoy Parents Anonymous® because it helps to take stress off my week. It is something I look forward to ever week to talk with other parents and get extra advice. It also helps the children get more exposure to other children and allows them to become more social and aware to other children.

5. Parents Anonymous® has been a wonderful support for me as a mom with two small children. My daughter has grown so much since coming here. It’s been a wonderful experience for all of us.

6. Being pregnant, it allows my 2 1/2 year old daughter to be away from me but have me really close and nearby if needed. As for me, it is great to talk to other Moms going through the same things I am or did.

7. Parents Anonymous® helps me because I can ask questions and get suggestions from people and get answers to things I’m unsure about.

8. The support is amazing. I’ve received great parenting tips for different issues I’ve had with my child. It’s a place to vent and everyone understands and doesn’t judge. It’s a chance to have “Me” time.


To start a Parents Anonymous® Program in your area call  Peggy Canning, at

Phone: (518) 561-4999