Training, Coaching and Technical Assistance

What We Offer

With a talented team of skilled professional parent leaders and staff and close to a half century track record of success, Parents Anonymous® Inc. offers community-based organizations and government agencies at the county, state and national levels, consultation, customized training, coaching and technical assistance, and innovative materials and publications targeted to meet strengthen families, change systems, improve service delivery and implement innovative research efforts. We work with administrators, boards, staff, volunteers and parents in:

Creating and supporting meaningful Parent Leadership roles and Shared Leadership® opportunities in local communities to ensure better outcomes for families. Trainings and technical assistance focus on effective Parent Leadership and Shared Leadership® strategies, skills building and outcomes.

Building organizational and programmatic capacity such as board development and retention, quality assurance, accreditation, fundraising strategies, staff recruitment, training, volunteer management, financial management, and other relevant areas.

Research services to evaluate program effectiveness and policy efforts to help families.

Promoting, Developing, Maintaining and Expanding high quality Parents Anonymous® Groups for Adults based on National Standards. The Best Practices for Parents Anonymous® Group Facilitators and Innovative Practices for Parents Anonymous® Parent Group Leaders are both state-of-the-art Parents Anonymous® Inc. training manuals that provide excellent resources for ensuring successful implementation of the program.

Promoting, Developing, Maintaining, and Expanding high quality Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Programs based on National Standards. A comprehensive manual The Parents Anonymous® Children’s Program: Enhancing the Growth and Development of Children and Youth is used to enhance the training and provide clear guidelines about the structure and key components of implementing a quality program.