Become Accredited

Here’s How to Become Accredited:

Contact Parents Anonymous® Inc. Email or call 909-575-4211 to arrange an initial telephone call to discuss your organization’s readiness, organizational capacity and resources to support the Parents Anonymous® Program

Here’s what you need to know to start a Parents Anonymous® Program:

  • Parents Anonymous® Groups are developed and operated through accredited Parents Anonymous® organizations.
  • All Parents Anonymous® Groups are supported by strong community partnerships between parents, volunteers and community-based organizations.

There are several ways to develop a Parents Anonymous® Program in your community:

  • Select a state on our Network Map where you would like to start a Parents Anonymous® Group.
  • You will find contact information on all accredited Parents Anonymous® organizations in that state.
  • Contact a Parents Anonymous® accredited organization and they will work with you to develop a new Parents Anonymous® Group or connect you to an existing Parents Anonymous® Group or contact the Parents Anonymous® Inc. staff member listed if your agency is in a state where no statewide accredited organization exists.

As a pioneer in building community and organizational partnerships, Parents Anonymous® Inc. has effectively joined together with a Network of hundreds of accredited organizations and local affiliates to develop and expand Parents Anonymous® Programs to strengthen and support families and communities all around the world. Parents Anonymous® Inc. accredits organizations that meet the Parents Anonymous® Inc. National Standards which ensure program integrity and high quality. The Parents Anonymous® National Standards focus upon effective strategies to promote, develop, maintain and expand Parents Anonymous® Programs. Any social service agency, child welfare, mental health, school, family support or government agency that wishes to provide Parents Anonymous® Programs is welcome to contact us to obtain information about accreditation.

We are always excited to expand and diversify our partnerships with new organizations interested in becoming accredited!

Here’s How to Become Accredited:

  • Contact Parents Anonymous® Inc. to arrange an initial telephone call to discuss your organization’s readiness, organizational capacity and resources to support the Parents Anonymous® Program.
  • Submit a completed Parents Anonymous® Inc. Accreditation Application delineating how your organization will meet the National Standards.
  • Parents Anonymous® Inc. staff and Parent Leaders will review and discuss the completed Application with your organization’s Executive Management Staff to ensure that all Standards can be met.

What are the Benefits of Joining Our Network?

  • Partnership with a prestigious, well-established, international child abuse prevention organization with an over-44-year track record of success and a talented team of expert staff
  • National recognition and visibility as a Parents Anonymous® accredited organization with exclusive rights to develop and expand evidenced-based Parents Anonymous® Programs
  • Proven effective child abuse prevention model with national research demonstrating its effectiveness
  • National Parent Helpline® services
  • Partnership on February National Parent Leadership Month®
  • Membership in the National Coalition on Parent Advocacy in Child Protective Services
  • Vital up-to-date information about the latest developments in the child abuse prevention and family strengthening field, funding opportunities and announcements about important national initiatives and meetings
  • Unique national trainings which strengthen and expand the knowledge, skills and abilities of staff, parents and volunteers
  • Comprehensive technical assistance, trainings, coaching opportunities, and program materials in to ensure quality
  • Utilization of validated Fidelity Instruments
  • Access to state of the art, confidential, on-line National Database System to track numbers and demographic information of participants with report capabilities to successfully manage Programs, outreach efforts, and overall quality
  • Exciting national media coverage including television, radio, newspapers and magazines
  • Numerous publications including  Across the Nations newsletter, special Program Bulletins and Research Profiles
  • Valuable parenting publications and resources
  • Extensive public awareness, visibility, referrals and resources through linkage with our nationally recognized Parents Anonymous® Inc. Web Site
  • Innovative outreach strategies and materials including public service announcements, posters, and brochures
  • Valuable sharing and networking with other accredited Parents Anonymous® organizations worldwide to improve knowledge, skills and abilities of staff, Parent Leaders, Boards and volunteers