10 Reasons to Start a Group

  1. With a track record of nearly half a century, parents and their children and youth have access to a evidenced-based weekly groups that are free, ongoing, provide long-term support and focus on building the strengths of families.
  2. Parents learn new communication skills, effective parenting strategies and expand their abilities to effectively advocate for their children’s needs.
  3. Parents Anonymous® Groups are community-based and are responsive to the unique, culturally diverse aspects of families.
  4. Parents have the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities in the Parents Anonymous® Group and the community by engaging in shared leadership® activities to improve programs and policies.
  5. Children and Youth have access to an age appropriate Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Program to help increase self-esteem, learn positive social interaction skills, and develop new problem-solving skills.
  6. Agency staff in the fields of prevention, child welfare, juvenile justice, health, education, and social services gain an excellent ongoing community-based resource for families with whom they work.
  7. Parents, staff and volunteers benefit from ongoing training, coaching, technical assistance and program materials to start and maintain a Parents Anonymous® Group.
  8. Parents Anonymous® Groups meet National Standards, utilize a Fidelity Tool, and manage the program operations through a National Database to ensure quality programming.
  9. Research has shown that Parents Anonymous® Programs effectively prevents child abuse and neglect thereby, eliminating the millions of dollars in lifetime costs spent on intervention.
  10. Parents Anonymous® Inc. has an evidence-based record of success in promoting the 5 protective factors of the Strengthening Families approach, and building and supporting strong safe families and communities.

10 Reasons