Get Ready to Recognize Parent Leaders!

Parents Anonymous® Inc. is inviting public and private partners to join with us in co-sponsoring the National Parent Leadership Month® in February every year. This major initiative will include a series of national, state, and local activities to recognize, honor, and celebrate parents for their leadership roles in their homes and communities. National Parent Leadership Month® will highlight the many opportunities available for parents, staff, policymakers and other community members to engage in partnerships with the goal of building and supporting strong, safe families.

Parents Anonymous® Inc. will work in partnership with public and private organizations such as social services, education, juvenile justice, childcare, mental health, health, businesses and policymakers to promote National Parent Leadership Month® in communities all around the world to:

  • Raise public awareness about the important roles parents play in shaping the lives of children and families
  • Publicize and expand opportunities for Parent Leaders to participate in meaningful Parent Leadership activities at the local, state and national levels
  • Recognize individual Parent Leaders whose contributions make a positive difference to their families and communities
  • Build successful partnerships between Parent Leaders and staff in sharing responsibility, expertise and leadership in decisions being made that affect families and communities.

About NPLM
By partnering together to promote National Parent Leadership Month®, we can generate many benefits such as:

  • Celebrating Parent Leaders in local communities
  • Educating communities about Parent Leadership
  • Inspiring parents to become leaders in their homes and in their communities
  • Providing opportunities for parents to demonstrate Parent Leadership
  • Encouraging staff and policymakers to reach out and partner with parents in leadership roles.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to honor Parent Leaders in your community. Contact your local Parents Anonymous® organization today to see how you can become involved, or contact us.