State Team Bios

Don-newDon Pickens
Don Pickens, a kidney transplant recipient, is a new adoptive parent of a young girl who was his foster child. His leadership journey began 5 years ago in Los Angeles when he was seeking help as a new single Dad with no experience with parenting a special needs child and he successfully learned to navigate 5 family serving systems. As a result of attending weekly Parents Anonymous® groups and participating in shared leadership® initiatives, he became the Chair of the California State Parent Team; last year he was appointed as the Program Manager and Leadership Coordinator of Parents Anonymous® Inc., serves as one of two Parents on the California Child Welfare Council, and is a member of the Parent Advisory Council of the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds. He is a skilled trainer and coach with experience in diverse communities nationwide to ensure the strengthening of families. His expertise is on meaningful fatherhood, effective mental health systems, implementation of new child welfare practice models, and responsive health care.