Cleveland Plain Dealer – Yelling is bad: Multi-tasking Moms and Dads
Research led by the University of Pittsburgh found that harsh verbal discipline, such as shouting or insulting, may harm young adolescents as much as physical discipline.

Where Is Your Mother-Rachel Aviv-The New Yorker 12/02/2013
Highlights one Southern California mother’s involvement with child protective services which resulted in her son being taken away but talks about the Parents Anonymous® Group she attended.

Program Bulletin – The Model for Effective Parent Education
Reviews the benefits of the Parents Anonymous® model as an effective parent education strategy and resource for families under stress.

Pathways To Meaningful Shared Leadership
Reviews the benefits of Meaningful Shared Leadership®.

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Research Profiles

Social Work Research
We are pleased to share with you our latest research article published in a premier, peer-reviewed journal: Development and Validation of a Wraparound Parent Partner Fidelity Tool, Social Work Research, June 4, 2013. This groundbreaking research is the only research of its kind to ensure the role of the Wraparound Parent Partner in thousands of programs nationwide to strengthen families with children with mental health diagnoses.

Parents Anonymous® Evidence Supports the Strengthening Families Approach, (Number 3, 2011)
This research publication demonstrates how the research on the effectiveness of Parents Anonymous® Programs to prevent child abuse and neglect provides valuable evidence for the Strengthening Families approach.

Research on Parent Leadership: Significance and Findings ( Number 2, 2001)
This is the second in a series of research publications that describes the research to date that Parents Anonymous® Inc. has done on parent leadership.

Parenting Materials for Sale

First Steps… for Baby and Parent 
This handy pocket booklet offers vital information on safety and parenting strategies for mothers, fathers, and anyone in a caretaking role. Parents receive step-by-step guidance on supporting their child’s positive development.

Successful Parenting Guide
This helpful guide is a collection of individual pull-out cards, written in English on one side and in Spanish on the other, that provide valuable suggestions to help parents take care of themselves and nurture their children.

New Media Guides On Sale Now

Media Guide for Professionals
This publication will assist the reader in developing effective skills for working with the media, including reaching out to create media opportunities, identifying and partnering with parent leaders, and developing a shared leadership® approach to all media activities.

Media Guide for Parent Leaders
This companion publication is an excellent tool for parents who are working with the media. This publication is designed to help parent leaders effectively communicate their message through the media and offers valuable information about how the media works and general guidelines about being interviewed.