Public Service Announcements

“Our National Public Service Announcements generate thousands of inquiries annually and help to connect parents to local Parents Anonymous® Programs.”

Enormous public awareness of Parents Anonymous® Inc. and the National Parent Helpline® is being generated through our National Public Service Announcements airing on national television stations across the country. The Public Service Announcements are excellent tools for reaching out to parents and they provide valuable resource information to professionals and citizens.

Special Thanks to:

Catherine HicksCatherine Hicks, well-known actress on the family-oriented show 7th Heaven, and also a working mother, recently recorded our newest National Public Service announcement. Watch for this Public Service Announcement on television as it is being widely distributed to stations around the world.



Phylicia RashadPhylicia Rashad, famous actress and best known for her role on “The Cosby Show,” began her involvement with Parents Anonymous® Inc. when she recorded a National Public Service Announcement. The airing of this announcement on network and cable television has generated enormous support and awareness about Parents Anonymous® Programs nationwide.