“I believe so strongly in what Parents Anonymous® is doing. I wanted to do what I could to help them and what I can do is draw.”

     David Galchutt, Artist

Dedicated to ensuring culturally responsive programs, Parents Anonymous® Inc. widely distributes its vibrant and colorful poster to reach out to tens of thousands of families in diverse communities. The Parents Anonymous® poster provides a wonderfully visual representation of the rich diversity of families who use our program throughout the nation and in other countries. Parents Anonymous® accredited organizations utilize the poster as a promotional tool to spread our important message that Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®.

The poster artwork was adapted from beautiful watercolor art done by Signal Hill artist, David Galchutt. He was commissioned to create the original illustration in honor of Parents Anonymous® Inc.’s 30th anniversary. A freelance illustrator since 1981, Mr. Galchutt’s clients for his child-related illustrations have included Mattel, Lands End and Playmates Toys.