National Awards 2012

Debbie ReynoldsDebbie Reynolds
Parents Anonymous® Inc. Jolly K. AwardParents Anonymous® Inc. is proud to present the 2012 Jolly K. Award to Debbie Reynolds, from Parents Anonymous® of Southeastern Kentucky. The Jolly K. Award recognizes a Parents Anonymous® Parent Leader who exemplifies the courage, tenacity and strong parent leadership first demonstrated by Jolly K., the founding parent of Parents Anonymous® Inc.
Debbie Reynolds is a grandparent who lives in rural Southeastern Kentucky and her family has gone through some very challenging times. Ten years ago, her young grandchildren with special needs were placed in her home by the local child welfare agency. She quickly realized as a new grandparent that she needed help. She attended her first Parents Anonymous® Group in 2000 where she met other parents and caregivers who were also experiencing parenting concerns. She found that she was not the only grandparent struggling to be the best caregiver possible and always felt rejuvenated after attending the group. As she continued to participate in the group, she was asked to be the Parent Group Leader and began co-facilitating weekly group meetings. She also began to expand her leadership knowledge and skills and took the initiative to volunteer her time to work with families in and outside of the group. She has successfully leveraged contributions from the local McDonald’s and Steak House restaurants and secured vouchers for free dinners and desserts for families. She currently serves on several Child Abuse Councils and committees and annually, during the month of April, she volunteers her time in various Child Abuse Prevention Month events and activities in Corbin. Much like Jolly K., Debbie is extremely motivated to reach out to other parents. Over the years, her leadership skills continued to evolve and today she has become a highly effective and respected Parent Leader. She serves as a spokesperson and presenter for Parents Anonymous®, co-trains on parent leadership and shared leadership® with Parents Anonymous® staff, and is the recipient of many local parent leadership awards. She has also received numerous certificates of appreciation for her hard work and efforts. Despite the many challenges she and her family have faced, Debbie has become an outstanding Parent Leader in Kentucky.

Cheryl StacksCheryl Stacks
Parents Anonymous® Inc. Juanita Chávez Award

Parents Anonymous® Inc. is proud to present the 2012 Juanita Chávez Award to Cheryl Stacks from Parents Anonymous® of Tyler, Texas. The Juanita Chávez Award recognizes a Parents Anonymous® staff member or volunteer for his or her work in promoting parent leadership and shared leadership® and helping parents grow to their full potential.

Cheryl Stacks has contributed significantly to Parents Anonymous® by bringing a wealth of practical expertise to the Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Program in Tyler, Texas and also through her work with youth involved in juvenile justice systems. She first became involved with Parents Anonymous® as a Children and Youth Program Worker in 2001. She lives in Tyler, Texas with her husband of 35 years, has a 17-year-old son and has over eight years of professional experience as a teacher’s aide in the Tyler Independent School District. Cheryl currently serves as the After hours Site Coordinator for Parents Anonymous® programs in Tyler, Texas. In this capacity she has the opportunity to regularly interface with parents, offer a helping-hand whenever and wherever needed and, above all, she provides a non-judgmental ear and sounding board for parents. She is especially proud of working in shared leadership® with parents to assist them in empowering themselves to make a difference in the lives of their children. As an example, she worked in true shared leadership® with a parent who had recently been released from jail. The parent needed a job and a place to live. Cheryl worked closely with this parent and provided ongoing support to help her arrange and prepare for job interviews, assisted with transportation and obtaining furniture for an apartment. With Cheryl’s extraordinary support, this parent was able to make a successful transition back into the community, gain employment and move into her own apartment. Ultimately, she was able to reunite with her child who had been in foster care placement. Cheryl is a highly committed and caring member of the Parents Anonymous® Team and is known for always going that “extra mile”. She greatly enjoys working with parents and their children and is a strong believer in proactive support. Cheryl hopes to serve more families in the future to ensure safe homes for families throughout Tyler and other rural counties in Northeastern Texas.