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2015 Jolly K. National Recipient Rhonda Branch

Ten years ago, Rhonda Branch from Chicago to South Carolina to create a better life for herself and her two young children. After facing many personal struggles, she reported to CPS that her 7 year old daughter had been molested by her son’s father. Unfortunately, both her son and daughter were then placed in foster care and she was referred to Parents Anonymous®. Rhonda’s extraordinary personal transformation and the return of her children is a tribute to her dedication to mutual support, perseverance, and personal resolve to be the best mother. She says that in the Parents Anonymous® Group “I learned a lot about myself and understood that I was occasionally using substances to mask my pain. The other Parents group taught me other ways to manage my stress and I made a lot of friends that I can call whenever I needed support.” She is an extraordinary Parents Anonymous® Parent Leader who transformed herself by addressing her issues through the Parents Anonymous® Group she attended and became the Parent Group Leader of this Parents Anonymous® Group in North Charleston, South Carolina. In December of 2014, Rhonda shared her personal journey of empowerment and change as a result of Parents Anonymous® which produced a standing ovation and an invitation to serve on an upcoming workgroup from the officials of the South Carolina Joint Council for Children and Adolescents. Today, Rhonda’s children are thriving. She has since married a wonderful and supportive partner and has a new job. Both of her children are doing well in school and they are stronger than ever. Rhonda reaches out to other Parents to share her experience and encourage them that Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength®!!

Elzora Rowe-Reddish

2015 Juanita Chavez Recipient: Elzora Rowe-Reddish

In 2007, Elzora Rowe-Reddish began her shared leadership® journey as a volunteer on the Helpline then becoming the Program Director of Parents Anonymous® of Maryland. She sought out collaborative partners to host Parents Anonymous® Groups statewide such as schools given her long career in education in which she retired as a retired Vice Principal of a Baltimore City School. Her dedication to excellence and true shared leadership® approach with parents facing many challenges exemplifies the key Parents Anonymous® principles. At every opportunity, she encouraged parents to build on their strengths, reach out to others, foster their personal empowerment to create long lasting change and growth for themselves, their family and others in the community. Elzora trained and supervised other staff and Parent Group Leaders and served as a Parents Anonymous® Group Facilitator herself. Most importantly, she recruited, trained, appreciated and recognized the contribution of Parent Leaders which resulting in the creation of the first Maryland Parent Leader Team in 2014. She always asked Parents what they needed to support their growth and empowerment journey and then make it happen. Many parents can say that she has made them challenge who they are and who they wanted to become, sparking a drive that helped them reach their personal goals for their families and themselves. Elzora modeled shared leadership® and parent leadership to so many and exemplified the positive results of Parents Anonymous® through the strengthening of families and communities nationwide.

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