Appeal from James Avery

James AveryPrevention and family strengthening are the keys to success in our country today! Many of us were lucky enough to grow up in safe and nurturing homes. Others weren’t so lucky. Regardless, all of us who have children know how difficult the job of parenting can be. Parents Anonymous® groups are evidence-based and culturally responsive with positive results.

I believe that most parents love their children and want to provide caring homes for them. Because of negative childhood experiences and life stresses, many parents don’t have the knowledge, skills and support they need and their kids become the target of their anger and frustration. I want you to know that help is out there – Parents Anonymous® Inc., the nation’s oldest child abuse prevention organization, has been helping parents and their children develop strong and loving relationships for over four decades. In communities all around the world, parents and their children and youth are attending free, weekly support groups to turn their lives around, become empowered and give back to others.

Little funding is invested in prevention because governments focus millions of dollars on investigating parents, placing children in foster care and adoption when help is needed to keep families together. WE NEED YOUR HELP. A Parents Anonymous® Group costs are minimal compared to the $94 billion spent each year on treating child abuse and neglect nationwide.

Parents Anonymous® Inc. is making a difference. I urge you to join me in strengthening families all around the world by donating to Parents Anonymous® Inc. You can make a life-changing difference for millions of parents, children and youth achieving better outcomes for their future.

When you give generously to Parents Anonymous® Inc., I know you will feel the same joy as I do, knowing that you’ve helped to protect a child and preserve a family.

With gratitude,
James Avery

James Avery