Parent Leadership Network

What is the Parent Leadership Network?

The Parent Leadership Network is an online Facebook group for parents (and anyone in a parenting role) around the world to connect with each other, and with staff, to share their leadership skills, opportunities, questions, ideas, and more! Parents, grandparents, foster parents, kinship caregivers, anyone in a parenting role, and staff, take action on behalf of their diverse family, children, and communities. It was created by the National Parent Leadership Team® as a resource to create and encourage an open dialogue for Parent Leaders and staff who want to:

  • Share personal stories and expertise related to shared leadership®;
  • Ask questions related to parent leadership or shared leadership®;
  • Inspire others to take action to benefit their families and communities;
  • Post information about conferences, events, trainings, publications, and other activities related to parent leadership and shared leadership®;
  • Highlight and/or share media coverage of Parent Leaders, parent leadership and shared leadership®;
  • Raise questions and share your own experiences speaking in public to help reach out to other parents and educate your community about the needs and interests of families and children;
  • Share useful information and examples of local, state and national activities related to National Parent Leadership Month®;
  • Seek valuable input about challenges, ethical dilemmas, and new possibilities;
  • Ask questions or make suggestions about issues relating to the role of the Parent Group Leader in a Parents Anonymous® Group;
  • Share ideas or ask questions about developing, operating and supporting a Parent Leadership Team, Parent Advisory Council or similar structure;
  • Pose questions, present information or recommend strategies on advocacy for oneself, one’s family, community or other interests;
  • Talk about ways staff, community members, policymakers and others can help to recognize and acknowledge Parent Leaders and promote Parent Leadership and Shared Leadership.

Who can join the Parent Leadership Network?

Parents – the Parent Leadership Network offers you a forum to discuss ideas, share resources and learn new skills relating to parent leadership and shared leadership.

Staff, community members, policymakers – the Parent Leadership Network offers you a forum for obtaining input and learning new strategies directly from parent leaders in order to better meet the needs of the families in your community.

Come join us today!