How Can A Group Benefit Me

How Can A Parents Anonymous® Group Benefit Me?
“This is the only place I can count on people really listening to me. I learn something new every week and don’t feel alone anymore.”

– Parents Anonymous® Parent

Parents Anonymous® Groups meet for 1 1/2-2 hours weekly and are conveniently located in a wide variety of settings such as local community centers, family resource centers, churches, schools, shelters, mental health centers, drug and alcohol agencies, military installations, and prisons. To ensure cultural responsiveness, some Parents Anonymous® Groups are conducted in Spanish only.

As a Parents Anonymous® parent, I will have the opportunity to:

  • discuss my parenting concerns, joys, and questions in a safe, compassionate environment.
  • give and receive free, ongoing, confidential support.
  • learn new communication skills and effective parenting strategies.
  • expand my capacity to effectively advocate for my children’s needs, as well as my own.
  • develop my leadership abilities to benefit my family, the Parents Anonymous® Group, and the community.
  • benefit from ongoing training, coaching and technical assistance, and program materials.
  • build on my parenting and leadership strengths.
  • cultivate positive relationships with other parents, and foster shared leadership® in my community.
  • learn about community resources that can benefit myself, my children and family.

Other benefits:

  • Children and Youth have access to an age appropriate Parents Anonymous® Children and Youth Program to help increase self-esteem, learn positive social interaction skills, and develop new problem-solving skills.
  • Research has shown that Parents Anonymous® Programs effectively prevents child abuse and neglect, thereby eliminating the millions of dollars in lifetime costs spent on intervention.
  • Parents Anonymous® Inc. has an evidence-based record of success in promoting the 5 protective factors of the Strengthening Families approach, and building and supporting strong safe families and communities.