Parents Anonymous® Los Angeles Families Share Successes for National Parent Leadership Month

National Parent Leadership Month was celebrated this February in LA County, home of the first Parents Anonymous® Group and Children/Youth Program, with Parents and their children and youth sharing their triumphs and successes. Parent Anonymous® has been serving families in Los Angeles and worldwide for more than 44 years. These extraordinary Parents became resilient and empowered through the shared leadership® and mutual support of the other members of the weekly Parents Anonymous® Program resulting in their successful reunification with their children, increased visitation, positive family relationships, gaining confidence and taking steps for self-improvement.

Parents shared their success in better managing stressful situations and their leadership skills in reaching out and helping others. Furthermore, the children and youth reported successes in school, peer relationships, and examples of giving back in their own neighborhoods. One graduating Senior, who is going on to college, has reached out to many of the younger children in the past 8 years of attending Parents Anonymous® with his family.

These successes have inspired others to make meaningful changes in their lives. As Parents help each other with concrete supports in times of need, families are strengthened and lead to better outcomes for their children. What a wonderful way to celebrate National Parent Leadership Month!!!

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