How Parents Engaged in Shared Leadership®

Our innovative programs, trainings, technical assistance strategies, coaching, and research & evaluation pave the way for parents to take on key leadership roles and partner with staff and policymakers at the national, state and local levels, resulting in evidence-based, culturally responsive policies, programs and strategies.

Parent Leaders engage in shared leadership® in numerous creative roles to strengthen families, prevent child abuse and neglect, improve mental health systems, foster the responsiveness of schools, enhance early care and education programs. These leadership roles include:

Parent & Shared Leadership® Teams – Parents are recruited, selected, trained and supported with specific goals and roles identified.

Boards of Directors, Advisory Boards, and Commissions – Parents are an integral part of these policy & decision making entities which impact organizations, communities and initiatives.

State Level Committees – Parents are members of state or local level Child Abuse Prevention, Social Service, and Mental Health committees.

Trainers & Coaches – Parents design and implement a wide variety of trainings and coaching strategies on different practice models through shared leadership®.

Paid Program Staff Positions – Parents have been hired as advocates and liaisons within agencies and are encouraging other parents to expand their leadership abilities within the community.

Media – Parents share their expertise and life experience to encourage other parents to build on their strengths through national, state and local newspapers, radio and television.

Grant Review Committees – Parents develop and review the responses to Requests for Proposals by providing valuable input into funding priorities and criteria.

Reviewers of Audiovisual and Written Materials – Parents are sharing in the creation and editing of materials that agencies develop for families prior to being printed and distributed.

Focus Groups and Listening Sessions – Parents provide valuable input and feedback on a particular issue, concern or challenge.