Mission and Background


The mission of the National Certification of Parent Leaders is to enhance the lives of families and communities worldwide by inspiring and empowering Parent and Shared Leadership®.


For more than 44 years, the National Center on Shared Leadership® and Parents Anonymous® Inc. have created innovative, successfully implemented and evaluated parent and Shared Leadership® comprehensive programs,trainings, technical assistance, coaching, program designs, and policy and systems change with thousands of parents, staff, agencies, communities and governments across all child and family serving systems around the world. Our evidence-based results have demonstrated increases in knowledge, skills and abilities of Parent Leaders and staff that resulted in actual change linked to improved outcomes for families and communities (McKenna, 1994; 1996; National Council on Crime & Delinquency, 2008; Polinsky et al, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012). We have engaged in meaningful Shared Leadership® with Parent Leaders, staff, agencies and policy-makers in strengthening families programs; Head Start; early childhood agencies; parent partner programs; wraparound programs; child welfare agencies and systems; child abuse and neglect prevention programs; public school; mental health services; home visiting; juvenile justice and delinquency prevention efforts; drug and alcohol prevention and treatment; First 5 organizations; wellness, drug, family and delinquency courts; disabilities; special education initiatives; respite care and crisis nurseries; family support centers; text4Baby; parent education; and faith-based organizations.

This National Certification of Parent Leaders provides the first ever opportunity to implement a comprehensive, research and competency based credentialing program for Parent Leaders new and experienced to build upon their knowledge, skills and abilities and ensure the successful implementation of a unique set of Exemplary Leadership PracticesTM to make significant change to better families lives credentialing program for Parent Leaders new and experienced to build upon their knowledge, skills and abilities and ensure a unique set of Leadership Practices associated directly to the work of Parent Leaders in various settings such as the agencies mentioned above and communities around the world to make significant change to better families lives.

National Certification of Parent Leaders benefits parents, families, communities and society by:

  • Ensuring best practices in Parent Leadership
  • Improving outcomes for families
  • Facilitating mutually beneficial networks
  • Enhancing program effectiveness
  • Strengthening social capital

First 5 California Becomes Co-Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that First 5 California is a co-sponsor of the 2013 Parents Anonymous® National Certification of Parent Leaders. Their generous support has been used for Scholarships for diverse California parents of children 0-5. This historic partnership is complimented by the many County First 5 who have worked with Parent Anonymous® Inc. over many years on Parent Leadership efforts.

New Co-Sponsor: Seneca Center

We want to acknowledge our newest partner, Seneca Center, who is hosting our next National Certification of Parent Leaders in Northern California at the Seneca Institute for Advanced Practice, 6925 Chabot Road, Oakland, CA 94618.

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