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Parents Anonymous® Los Angeles Families Share Successes for National Parent Leadership Month

National Parent Leadership Month was celebrated this February in LA County, home of the first Parents Anonymous® Group and Children/Youth Program, with Parents and their children and youth sharing their triumphs and successes. Parent Anonymous® has been serving families in Los Angeles and worldwide for more than 44 years. These extraordinary Parents became resilient and empowered through the shared leadership® and mutual support of the other members of the weekly Parents Anonymous® Program resulting in their successful reunification with their children, increased visitation, positive family relationships, gaining confidence and taking steps for self-improvement.

Parents shared their success in better managing stressful situations and their leadership skills in reaching out and helping others. Furthermore, the children and youth reported successes in school, peer relationships, and examples of giving back in their own neighborhoods. One graduating Senior, who is going on to college, has reached out to many of the younger children in the past 8 years of attending Parents Anonymous® with his family.

These successes have inspired others to make meaningful changes in their lives. As Parents help each other with concrete supports in times of need, families are strengthened and lead to better outcomes for their children. What a wonderful way to celebrate National Parent Leadership Month!!!

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Parents Anonymous® of Chicago celebrates National Parent Leadership Month

Parents Anonymous® of Chicago with UCAN celebrated National Parent Leadership Month by having candid conversation with group participants. This year’s celebration for National Parent Leadership Month included a question that was asked of all participants: “What does Parent Leadership mean to me?” Parents discussed values they gained, all from their commitment to growth and change; this constitutes leadership for many of them. Moreover, this was the basic theme throughout the 11 groups under Parents Anonymous® of Chicago. However, the topic question was also answered in more detail from Lowden and Altgeld groups.

For example, a member from the Lowden group discussed how the entire group plays a role in Parent Leadership by attending the meetings on a weekly basis. Others talked about the group in general as being one that teaches new skills, such as the sewing classes that involves all members and creates a sense of camaraderie. In addition, the Altgeld group shared more personal reflections to the question.

One member told the story of how she changed her discipline methods with her children. She stopped spanking and started giving time-outs as punishments; a change resulting from the attendance of the Parent Anonymous groups. Furthermore, her parent leadership skills have been passed on to her older children when disciplining their own children. Another member gave an account of how her referral to Parents Anonymous® changed her life. She stated how she gained a wealth of information and knowledge to help her deal with the stress of raising a child that challenged her parenting skills. By this member participating in the Parent Anonymous® group, she was taking control of the matter, exercising her parent leadership abilities. Overall, all group members agreed Parent Anonymous® gave them something to look forward to each week.

Lastly, Parents Anonymous® of Chicago recognizes all parents who make the commitment to come to one, two, or hundreds of group meetings as Parent Leaders in their own right. The group acknowledges the effort as a “sign of strength” and willingness to become better parents. To show appreciation, UCAN provided group members with certificates of recognition and gift cards. Each member also received a Parents Anonymous® pin which honored their leadership and lasting contribution to promising parenthood.


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New Jersey Parent Leadership Month – Celebrating Parents for 10 years

In 2003, February was designated as National Parent Leadership Month. Since that time, Parents Anonymous® of New Jersey, Inc. has used February to hold regional celebrations honoring initially just Parent Leaders in the Parents Anonymous® Program. Five years ago we made the decision to open our celebration and invite organizational partners throughout the state to recognize and honor their Parent Leaders.

This year two Parent Leadership Breakfasts were held, one in Camden County in collaboration with the Camden County Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC )and in Newark at the BF Johnson Community Center. Record numbers of Parent Leaders attended to celebrate the importance of meaningful parent involvement in families, programs and communities.


Over 285 Parent Leaders were recognized this year with four special awards given to nominated Parent Leaders and Professionals. The South Jersey Jolly K award, named for the Parents Anonymous® Founder, was presented to Henrietta Washington acknowledging her leadership and tenacious voice for parents living in Camden. The Juanita Chavez Award (Parent Champion) was presented to Lisa Gates who has facilitated a Parents Anonymous® group at the Cumberland, Salem, and Gloucester Family Support Organization for over five years. Camden Freeholder Carmen Rodriquez welcomed and congratulated the Parent Leaders and read a proclamation from Camden Mayor Dana Redd. CPAC CEO Diana Crone thanked her Parent Leadership Council and organizational sponsors and along with Parents Anonymous® of New Jersey Executive Director, Kathleen Roe, presented the Parent Leadership Certificates to over 100 Parent Leaders.

This year a panel of parents and professionals spoke at both breakfasts about the importance of Parent Leadership. Using our annual theme, “Speak Up, Take Action and Create Change”, Parent Leaders were passionate about using their voice in their families, and communities to create change.


In Newark at the BF Johnson Community Center over 230 parents registered to attend the Parent Leadership Breakfast. DCF Director of Family and Community Partnerships, Lisa Von Pier welcomed attendees and presented the Juanita Chavez Award (Parent Champion) to Sherrie Featherstone a Parents Anonymous Facilitator who has been doing groups for over 15 years. This year she started the first H.O.P.E.S. group for adult survivors of abuse at Newark’s Beth Israel Child Abuse Treatment Center. Executive Director Kathleen Roe presented the Jolly K Award to Ms. Hazel Smith, a community activist and Parent Leader in Newark. Special thanks were given to our oldest partner, the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network and Executive Co-Director Diana Autin and Kathleen Roe presented the Parent Leadership Certificates.

We would like to give special thanks this year to sponsors who provided tables for Parent Leaders to attend our event for no cost. These sponsors include:
• Advocates for Children of New Jersey
• The Center for Family Services
• Carl Bloomfield
• The Department of Children and Families
• The East Orange Child Development Corporation
• Family Intervention Services
• Horizon NJ Health
• Janus Solutions
• The National Institute on Family Success
• Newark Now/Fathers Now
• The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
• The New Jersey Alliance of Family Support Organizations
• The Nicholson Foundation

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Announcing an Exciting NEW National Certification of Parent Leaders

The mission of the National Certification of Parent Leaders is to enhance the lives of families and communities worldwide by inspiring and empowering Parent and Shared Leadership®.

National Certification benefits parents, families, communities and society by:

  • Ensuring best practices in Parent Leadership
  • Improving outcomes for families
  • Facilitating mutually beneficial networks
  • Enhancing program effectiveness
  • Strengthening social capital
  • Be in a parenting role
  • Successfully complete 32 hours of face-to-face National Certification Training (didactic learning, small-group discussion, experiential exercises including video recording and feedback sessions with peers.)
  • Successfully complete 8 hours of individual/group coaching sessions with a Nationally Certified Trainer within 4 months of initial training (through webinars, Skyping, and/or face-to-face sessions, demonstrating all training content)
  • Parents will gain knowledge, skills, and abilities on
    • The 5 Exemplary Leadership PracticesSM
    • Communication
    • Cultural Responsiveness
    • Ethics
    • Life’s Balancing Act
    • Individualized Action Plan
  • $3,200 per participant
  • Early registration deadline May 31st, 2013: $3,000 per person; Groups of 10 or more from one agency or funder: $2,800 per person

Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin
President and Chief Executive Officer
250 West First Street, Suite 250
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-6184 x 207
FAX (909) 575-4212


To bring National Certification to your local community, please contact Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin
(909-621-6184 ext 207 or email her).

There must be a minimum of 25 registrants and additional travel and registration costs will apply.
Announcement soon on National Certification on Shared Leadership® for Staff in Fall 2013!