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2014 Parents Anonymous® Inc. National Jolly K Award Winner

Bob StoneTen years ago Bob Stone attended a focus group session on “Why Fathers didn’t engage in programs?” Bob stood and stated “Fathers want to talk to other fathers who understand them and have been through the same things” This phrase is much like the one Jolly K used when she first started Parents Anonymous® over 45 years ago. Bob Stone, father of seven and grandfather to 13, and a few invested pioneer dads, and School Social Worker Jeff Johnson pulled together a group of committed fathers and they began to meeting weekly in the evidence-based Parents Anonymous® group and pioneered a Dad’s Council called “Keansburg Father Time”. Since 2005, this Parents Anonymous® group has been supporting dads and their entire families in the Keansburg/Bayshore area- which includes pockets of poverty. Bob Stone is an ardent Parent Advocate and has presented at both statewide and local conferences on the importance of parent leadership and Parents Anonymous® mutual support especially for Fathers. When Hurricane Sandy devastated his home town of Keansburg, many of his fellow group members or “brothers” as he calls them lost their homes. Bob was there for each and every group member. Bob Stone is an extraordinary, passionate, selfless, tireless individual who lives the principles of Parents Anonymous® each and every day. His peers describe his extraordinary commitment and character as follows: “He made me feel part of the family the first time I met him”, “He extends a real hand to anybody”, and “He’s the man for the job, he handles all of the details, and really cares, especially about kids.”

2014 Parents Anonymous® Inc. National Juanita Chavez Award Winner: Timothy Phipps

Time PhippsTimothy is a father of 2 and granddad of one who four years began his personal journey to become an extraordinary Parents Anonymous® Parent Mentor in Oregon exemplifying the principles of mutual support, personal growth, parent and shared leadership®. He first attended a weekly evidence-based Parents Anonymous® group successfully completing his recovery in 2010. He then volunteered as the Parents Anonymous® Group Facilitator and built up a vibrant group serving fathers in Portland. Timothy exemplifies shared leadership® by working tireless to improve family strengthening services by assisting on numerous local and statewide committees including serving as the Co-Chair of the Multnomah County Child Welfare Father’s Advisory Group; Morrison Center’s Equity Council; and trains child welfare caseworkers in Oregon Core Training. Also he encourages other parents to seek leadership opportunities and supports them through their journey of self-discovery. He has a passion for social justice and works daily with families affected by addiction and working to keep families together. Timothy is described by others as a tenacious and exemplary Parents Anonymous® Parent Leader and Mentor, with a compassionate heart and humble demeanor. He is a true shared leadership® asset in the workplace, community and with agencies with an inspirational spirit impacting families.

Watch Parents Anonymous® On ABC Nightly News

Watch this segment on yelling on ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer from October 15th that featured the extraordinary evidence-based Parents Anonymous Inc. group of Dads in Keansburg, NJ, interviewed by Cynthia McFadden, where Parents are supporting one another and creating long term change in their families. We were the only effective program highlighted nationwide that empowers parents to positively address any issue they face. Parents can call our National Parent Helpline: 1-855 4A PARENT or 1-855-427-2736 for help, support, hope, and strength.

ABC Nightly News

First 5 California Becomes Co-Sponsor of National Certification of Parent Leaders

We are pleased to announce that First 5 California is a co-sponsor of the 2013 Parents Anonymous® National Certification of Parent Leaders. Their generous support has been used for Scholarships for diverse California parents of children 0-5. This historic partnership is complimented by the many County First 5 who have worked with Parent Anonymous® Inc. over many years on Parent Leadership efforts.


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Announcing an Exciting NEW National Certification of Parent Leaders

The mission of the National Certification of Parent Leaders is to enhance the lives of families and communities worldwide by inspiring and empowering Parent and Shared Leadership®.

National Certification benefits parents, families, communities and society by:

  • Ensuring best practices in Parent Leadership
  • Improving outcomes for families
  • Facilitating mutually beneficial networks
  • Enhancing program effectiveness
  • Strengthening social capital
  • Be in a parenting role
  • Successfully complete 32 hours of face-to-face National Certification Training (didactic learning, small-group discussion, experiential exercises including video recording and feedback sessions with peers.)
  • Successfully complete 8 hours of individual/group coaching sessions with a Nationally Certified Trainer within 4 months of initial training (through webinars, Skyping, and/or face-to-face sessions, demonstrating all training content)
  • Parents will gain knowledge, skills, and abilities on
    • The 5 Exemplary Leadership PracticesSM
    • Communication
    • Cultural Responsiveness
    • Ethics
    • Life’s Balancing Act
    • Individualized Action Plan
  • $3,200 per participant
  • Early registration deadline May 31st, 2013: $3,000 per person; Groups of 10 or more from one agency or funder: $2,800 per person

Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin
President and Chief Executive Officer
250 West First Street, Suite 250
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-6184 x 207
FAX (909) 575-4212


To bring National Certification to your local community, please contact Dr. Lisa Pion-Berlin
(909-621-6184 ext 207 or email her).

There must be a minimum of 25 registrants and additional travel and registration costs will apply.
Announcement soon on National Certification on Shared Leadership® for Staff in Fall 2013!