National Parent Leadership Team®

From our beginnings, Parent and Shared Leadership® have been the quintessential foundation of Parents Anonymous® Inc. to ensure the implementation of the mission, vision and evidence-based results.To ensure meaningful shared leadership®, we established the National Parent Leadership Team®(NPLT) of Parents Anonymous® Inc. The NPLT is composed of a diverse group of mothers, fathers and grandparents who demonstrate leadership in their local Parents Anonymous® Groups and organizations and want to make a difference on the national level. The NPLT partners with us on:

  • Making culturally responsive and strength-based Policy decisions
  • Designing and conducting evidenced-based national certifications, trainings, technical assistance, coaching, research and evaluation with community-based organizations, government agencies and foundations and Parent Leaders
  • Developing and editing program materials
  • Serving as the Editorial Board of Across the Nations, our National Newsletter for parents, staff, volunteers, funders and collaborating organizations
  • Interviews with national, state and local media by sharing their personal stories and expertise to reach out to parents and to ensure meaningful shared leadership® is achieved in program development, new practice models, and systems change
  • Representing Parents Anonymous® Inc. on important state and national decision-making boards and commissions
  • Advocating for new public policies and services that strengthen and support families with measurable positive outcomes

The mission of the California Parent Leadership Team® operated by Parents Anonymous® Inc. is to improve California prevention and treatment policies, programs and systems to ensure better outcomes that strengthens parents, children and youth and communities through the meaningful Parent Leadership and Shared Leadership® of Parents and Caregivers with lived experiences in any system or program addressing family issues including child welfare, behavioral health, early childhood and care, education, substance abuse, juvenile and adult justice, courts, Adverse Childhood Experiences, health care, domestic violence and developmental disabilities.

Since 1996, the California Parent Leadership Team®, comprised of a diverse group of parents and caregivers who have significant lived experience with the family serving systems, has successfully advocated, implemented and evaluated parent and shared leadership® comprehensive programs, trainings, technical assistance, guided practice strategies and policy and systems change with thousands of parents, staff, agencies, communities and governments across all California child and family serving systems. We have written legislation, advocated for responsive policies and regulations, conducted research on the impact of meaningful parent leadership and shared leadership® and created Parent Leadership Initiatives for parents, children and youth with lived experiences in mental health, child welfare, education and early care that support the empowerment process to safeguard their families’ strengths and obtain effective services. We actively service on many state, local and county policy-making bodies with a focus on access to evidence-based services, meaningful stakeholder engagement in policies and funding, and support for research to enhance our knowledge. The California Legislature has passed many reforms that require meaningful Parent Engagement (Mental Health Services Act, Katie A, Continuum of Care Reform and Local Control Accountability Plan). On the federal level, SAMHSA highlights the expansion of evidence-based Parent Peer Support that significantly improves the mental health outcomes for children and youth including Evidence-Based Parents Anonymous® Groups that result in increased protective factors, mental health well-being and family functioning. We created and implement the only National Certification of Parent Leaders which is a comprehensive, research and competency based credentialing program for Parent Leaders new and experienced to build upon their knowledge, skills and abilities and ensure the successful implementation of a unique set of Exemplary Leadership Practices to make significant change to better families’ lives.

Create meaningful policy change and program implementation through shared leadership® in strategic partnership with state and county policy makers and agencies by organizing and supporting a California Parent Leadership Network of Parents/Caregivers to be advocates, and conduct technical assistance, deliver unique trainings, engage in meaningful research and deliver webinars on outreach, advocacy, and policy change across all family serving systems in California for Parents/Caregivers with lived experiences dedicated to family strengthening.