Guiding Principles

FreddieFreddie Gardner
Board Chair

“Since 1969, Parents Anonymous® has been a solution for parents by offering a safe place where parents can support one another to make lasting, effective, positive changes in their lives. Parents Anonymous® made a world of difference for me and my family.”

LisaDr. Lisa Pion-Berlin
President and Chief Executive Officer

“With a name parents trust and a nearly half-century history of successfully engaging in meaningful shared leadership®, Parents Anonymous® has provided numerous evidenced-based programs by partnering with millions of parents, children and youth worldwide where they find help, support, strength and hope.”


These four guiding principles are the foundation of Parents Anonymous® Inc. and form the basis of all organizational initiatives, programs and structures.

  1. Meaningful Parent Leadership: Parents are effective and needed leaders who shape the direction of their families, policies, programs and communities.
  2. Effective Mutual Support: Parents give and receive support from each other thereby creating a strong sense of community, belonging and trust.
  3. Successful Shared Leadership®: Parents and staff build successful partnerships to share responsibility, expertise and leadership to strengthen families and improve services and communities.
  4. Long-Term Personal Growth and Change: Parents, children and youth transform their attitudes, learn new behaviors, and build on their strengths to make long-term positive changes in their lives