2014 Parents Anonymous® Inc. National Jolly K Award Winner

Bob StoneTen years ago Bob Stone attended a focus group session on “Why Fathers didn’t engage in programs?” Bob stood and stated “Fathers want to talk to other fathers who understand them and have been through the same things” This phrase is much like the one Jolly K used when she first started Parents Anonymous® over 45 years ago. Bob Stone, father of seven and grandfather to 13, and a few invested pioneer dads, and School Social Worker Jeff Johnson pulled together a group of committed fathers and they began to meeting weekly in the evidence-based Parents Anonymous® group and pioneered a Dad’s Council called “Keansburg Father Time”. Since 2005, this Parents Anonymous® group has been supporting dads and their entire families in the Keansburg/Bayshore area- which includes pockets of poverty. Bob Stone is an ardent Parent Advocate and has presented at both statewide and local conferences on the importance of parent leadership and Parents Anonymous® mutual support especially for Fathers. When Hurricane Sandy devastated his home town of Keansburg, many of his fellow group members or “brothers” as he calls them lost their homes. Bob was there for each and every group member. Bob Stone is an extraordinary, passionate, selfless, tireless individual who lives the principles of Parents Anonymous® each and every day. His peers describe his extraordinary commitment and character as follows: “He made me feel part of the family the first time I met him”, “He extends a real hand to anybody”, and “He’s the man for the job, he handles all of the details, and really cares, especially about kids.”